PBS Transition
During the transition period, we have been reviewing issues that have popped up with the New UI. While almost all are corrected by clearing your browser's cache and web data, there are some that require a modification to the software itself. One in particular affects Default bidding and the ability to modify dates from previous bid periods. Navblue has a fix to that issue which will be ready for the end of December.

As always, we continue to work with Navblue on other items and improvements and have agreed to extend the current transition period by three (3) months. That means that both the Old .U.I and the New U.I will be available up until March 2018. Therefore, as of April, (for the May block), the New UI will be the only interface available.

New Functionality Updated Support for Newer Devices:
With the New U.I. PBS will take advantage of newer browsers and devices including support for the Microsoft Surface as well as the iPad mini and the iPad Air along with Microsoft Windows PCs running newer versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome. Navblue’s plan is to increase the number of supported systems to include Mac OS in late 2017.
Computers (desktop/laptop):
Your browser is the most important element and you will need to ensure that it is up to date.
The current minimum supported browsers are:
Windows PC: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (IE 9 may be used with the New U.I. however you will not have off-line capability).
Chrome (latest version)

PBS will now support tablets such as the iPad and Microsoft Surface. With these devices, tabs and other selectable items have been adapted to make them easier to use with touch screens and gestures. The current minimum supported devices and browsers are:
Surface Pro 3: Windows 10 Pro + IE 11
Surface RT: Windows RT 8.1 + IE 11
Surface Pro: Windows 8.1 Pro + Chrome
iPad Air: iOS 9.2 + Mobile Safari 9
iPad Air: iOS 8.2 + Mobile Safari 8, Chrome
iPad Mini: iOS 8.2 + Chrome

NOTE: It is still possible that other systems and/or browsers may continue to work however the systems/browsers listed above are the ones that are officially supported by Navblue and, as with previous versions of PBS, non-supported devices may work however any issues with using them may not be resolved.

New Scheduled Report Times
New scheduled report times when operating from home base for certain aircraft will come into effect on June 1. All times are prior to first flight departure:
A330/B787-9: 1 hour 15 minutes
B773: 1 hour 20 minutes
B77P: 1 hour 25 minutes

Returning to work with a Medical Note
Under Article B4.05.02, cabin crew on Sick Leave that are scheduled to return to work may bid on
and be awarded a block for the month of their return, provided they submit medical evidence to that
effect to Crew Planning.

As a reminder, a medical certificate specifying the anticipated return date must be received prior to
bid close. It may be delivered in person or transmitted by fax to (514) 422-7989 and, once sent,
cabin crew are asked to contact Crew Planning to ensure that the certificate was received.
Recently, there has been an increase in invalid medical certificates among those submitted. Please
note that an anticipated return date must be indicated.

For example:
“... [the patient] will return on Jan XX. “ “...

[the patient] may bid for Jan 2018. “
[the patient] will be off from XX to XX. “
[the patient] will be absent until XX ... “

Trip Trade
Crew members will be able to access the system but will be unable to perform any trade activity during the PBS award period. The system will be frozen commencing 24 hours prior to PBS close, and will re-open once the new blocks have been loaded into Netline (information from bulletin of trip trade system)

If you are bidding via an iPad, smartphone, MAC or iPod there have been reports of bid lines changing or being deleted. It is highly recommended that one prints out their bid or take a screen shot of their final bid submission. Make sure you can see a confirmation number and the date stamp. If it is possible, please go to a laptop or computer and verify that your bid is inputted correctly.