Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of our members is a priority and our committee representatives are available to hear and address your concerns. The H&S committee works to ensure that all legislative requirements contained in Part II of the Canada Labour Code, the Aviation Occupational Safety and Health regulations (AOSH), the Canada Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) regulations, as well as other relevant Flight Attendant related legislation such as the CARS are upheld and implemented by the Employer system wide. 

Local chairperson: Nuria Colobrado
Committee member: Rebeca Woodward
Phone: 403-221-2805
Note: For emergency issues, i.e. right to refuse dangerous work, please contact a Local VP at 403-221-2615 or after office hours emergency line at 1-866-758-3037 so that an OHS representative can assist you.


Your blocking committee representatives watch over our Preferential Bidding System (PBS) and provide bidding assistance. The goal of the PBS Committee is to ensure the system is reliable and that our members have all relevant information and skills required to utilize PBS to the best benefit of their seniority. Contact us for all queries regarding pairings, PBS block awards and contesting.

Local chairperson: Ingrid Watson
Committee members: Mary Mulholland and Tracy Cole
Phone: 403-830-7225


The reserve conditions both in the Collective Agreement and at our base need special attention and this committee has been created to focus on these important issues. The reserve committee is an invaluable tool in the preservation of reserve rights under the CA, as well as provides reserve members with a voice.

Local chairperson: Pauline Caymo


The Employee Assistance Program also known as EAP is a program recognized jointly by CUPE and Air Canada. It is a free and confidential service that is offered to Members and their dependents. EAP is a support program for members who are experiencing difficult times in their lives and who may need assistance in seeking the appropriate resource to help them resolve their problems.

Peer Coordinator: Vanessa Beaudoin
Phone: 403-472-6868


Have you been injured on duty? Well you have come to the right place! The WSIB Committee will help you get through the process.

Chairperson: Doug Hay
Phone: 1-877-776-8990 ext. 259

Service Director

Taking care of our onboard leaders
Local chair: Joe Fogal


Solidarity is what keeps a union going
Local chair: Daylen Mitansky


The Component Tabulating Committee is comprised of a Component Tabulating Chairperson, and Local Tabulating representatives from each base. The tabulating committee abides by the Component By-laws to oversee elections, ratification votes etc. It prepares information and bulletins to help aid in the voting process. It also deals with any appeals that may arise after an election.

Chairperson: Anuschka Elkei
Local committee member: Vacant

Pension Committee

The purpose and objective of the pension committee is to advocate, educate and communicate pension matters that are important to you.

Chairperson: Ross Nichol

Hotel and Transportation

Problems with your layover hotel? Not getting the proper allowance on your pairing? We are here to assist! For any issues related to safety and comfort are addressed by our component committee.
If you have any concerns or questions on layover hotels, please fill out “Hotel and Crew Transportation Report” the in AC’s GLOBE portal (click link “Crew Care” under Crew Scheduling and Planning). A copy will be automatically forwarded to the CUPE Hotel Committee.
Chairperson: Melinda Allen
Local committee member: Lorie Hrynkiw

Union Component Executive (ACCEX)

Your Union Executive consists of eight members, who have been elected into their role by the membership. The Union leadership is dedicated to providing our membership with an effective and united voice so that our employer, our governments and our passengers can confidently acknowledge out members as safety professionals.

Component President:
Wesley Lesosky

 Component Vice- President:
Theresa Mitchell

 Component Secretary Treasurer:
Alex Habib

Local 4091 President (YUL):
Guillaume Leduc

 Local 4092 President (YYZ):
Denis Montpetit

 Local 4094 President (YVR):
Carolyn Bugnon

 Local 4095 President (YYC):
Kim Wentzell

 Local 4098 President (Rouge):
Robyn Jenkins